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I enjoy gyros, but I detest people whom have rainbow filters in his or her picture. I will NOT always be browsing the restaurant, I'm sorry."

That's when an anti-gay Teaparty activist messaged Kozidis:

After submitting her reaction on Gracie's Gyros & Wraps as well as La Crosse Foodie's Facebook web page (the posts get since been removed), Kozidis ended up being overwhelmed through the massive quantity involving positive responses.. I found this post about La Crosse Foodie. Kozidis commented on the publish promoting the woman's gyro restaurant.

"Hi Despina. Following a lot thought as well as aid coming from her daughter, Kozidis responded towards the man's message:

Florida Bakery Will Get support after Refusing Anti-Gay Business, Criminal charges Possible

Like this bakery inside the video above, restaurant owners are going pertaining to a stand against anti-gay patrons.

Despina "Gracie" Kozidis, owner involving Gracie's Gyros & Wraps, posted on the public "foodie" Facebook page in her neighborhood of La Crosse, Wisconsin. a woman was going to the area coming from on vacation as well as questioned your web page for tips in where to eat. It's an abomination which we're being instructed to condone deviant sexual behavior.

Want to see a lot more gay pride? Verify out pictures from your SCOTUS ruling:

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Not just had been strangers rallying powering Gracie's Gyros & Wraps upon social media, company inside the restaurant features a flourished, too.

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So, we wish to know:

Aug 7th 2015 5:46AM


Kozidis has been taken the back, absolutely nothing in their submit within the Foodie web page talked about LGBT...The man ended up being exclusively commenting upon Gracie's Gyros & Wraps rainbow profile picture with regard to gay pride

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